Counselling should be as comfortable for you as possible so this is a rough guide to what to expect.

If we are meeting online, I will set up a Google Meet appointment and send you an email a few days in advance. This will contain a link for you to click when the session is due to start.

Once in the virtual therapy room, you can have your camera on or off, or request me to turn mine off. If speaking is difficult for you, we can use the Chat facility. I never record sessions or store Chats, so when the session is over and we both close Google Meet down anything said or written during the session disappears, although I do take brief handwritten notes during and after the session has ended.

If we are meeting over the phone, if a silence occurs I will not interrupt it. I will sit with you until you are ready to resume.

You are very welcome to pace, rock, or use fidget toys or gadgets during your therapy session in either format. Therapy which starts over the phone can be switched to online, and vice versa, at any time.